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The Cheapest: Guitar Amp On Amazon

Lets check out the cheapest guitar amp on!

The Amp:

Riffs, Beards \u0026 Gear On Patreon:
Amazon Store:

The Gear:
This Camera Body:
Or This Camera:
With This Lens:
With This Tripod:
With This Shotgun Mic:

*All links to Amazon are Affiliate Links. *
Jose Martinez : " look at this thing .... " And " it is an amplifier.. yeah .... yeah....." Liked and subscribed! Wha ha ha !!!!!
kung puk : Got one of theese, complete crap!
Truth Finder : dang sick mic it up then you like dang what vst is that lmoa just saying wow
Esk8 Jaimes : 4:08 Mic'd-up sound test.
Maddie : I know this is 2 years after this was posted but I wanna get into playing the electric guitar and I'm on the tightest budget you can imagine. would this be good to use as a permanent amplifier?
Kevin Dumont : Scooped mids.. come on now.
Gamer Jema : What a cute little thing.
David Renthlei : Maybe I'll hate it on second or fifth listen but it made a pretty decent 1st impression on me
David Renthlei : Why do I like it?!!!?
Honest, I do!
David Renthlei : Is your guitar the Juarez?
Here in India, Juarez costs about 5000 rupees.
79 rupees equal 1 US dollar.

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Betterment Boss : Comment "automate" below! Replying to all comments!
Andy Fahey : Wrong. You lost it at credit card. They are anchors that will never allow you create wealth. Rewards programs are proven to be a false economy.
Mela'n Greathouse : I like everything in this video , except “ automate your investments “. The stock market is volatile, to say the least! I’d be more measured and prudent when it comes to investing
Welljones Hate : Thank you Boss♥️
numberoneappgames : Hey you should do a video on this article...
Home Cooked Flavours : Very inspiring. Gotta keep moving keep budgeting and planning. Another great video
Ty Editz : 0:28 definitely LIFE changing content
Colt Shaw : Your videos are great and really help me with plans weeks/months away all the way to year goals! And help me not spend on my wants so much! Thanks again! Hope all is well with you!
Education Edge: Finance - Business - Book Channel : Use the power of habits to your advantage. It’s a double edge sword that can also be used against you.
Debbie Cartier : Automate.... Slow progress, bigger rewards at the end




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